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Global Sustainability Statement & Goals

Spectrum Brands understands that current and future generations depend on our company to respect people and preserve the environments where we live and work. Our employees' well-being is a priority, and we endeavor to maintain a safe, healthy and engaged workforce.​

As a global consumer products company, we recognize our responsibility to address our impacts. SpectrumFirst, the guiding principles that inspire our people and customers, advances sustainable business processes to preserve natural resources and minimize our carbon footprint. Spectrum Brands is dedicated to producing safe, high-performing products, taking into account their lifecycle considerations.

We deliver long-term value to our customers by developing innovative solutions to meet their evolving needs and expectations. Beyond our operations, Spectrum Brands is committed to positively impacting people's lives and the world around us. In every country where we operate, we uphold the highest ethical standards —​ within our company and in the communities we serve. Together, we will enable our stakeholders and future generations to thrive.