1904 AFA forms VARTA to manufacture small portable lead accumulators.
1906 The French Battery Company is founded in Madison, Wisconsin.


  The French Battery Company is renamed the Rayovac Company.
1933 Rayovac patented the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid.
1936 The Remington Electric Shaver Division of Remington Rand is formed.
1937 Remington introduces its first electric dry shaver, the Close Shaver.
1939 The first leak-proof “sealed in steel” dry cell battery is introduced by Rayovac.
1939 Remington introduces millions of Americans to the "dry shave" at the New York World's Fair.


1940 "Two Heads Are Better Than One!" Remington introduces its first two-headed shaver, the Remington Dual.
1941 Remington introduces the first multi-headed shaver with a trimming head, the Foursome.
1946 AFA produces the first dry-cell batteries in Ellwangen, Germany under the BMF name.
1949 Rayovac introduces the crown cell alkaline for hearing aids and launches the famous steel Sportsman flashlight.


  Retired General, Douglas MacArthur, serves as Chairman of the Board of Remington Rand, Inc.
1955 Remington Rand Inc. merges with Sperry Corporation to become Sperry Rand Corporation.
1955 AFA devises a paperlined battery with double-clad separator at its Ellwangen portable battery plant.


1960 Remington introduces the first cordless shaver, the Lektronic. Using rechargeable nickel cadmium energy cells, this shaver can store enough energy for several days of cordless shaves.
1960 Building on the strength of VARTA brand automobile batteries, all AFA batteries are now distributed under the VARTA name.


1971 Rayovac is awarded the patent for silver oxide button cells.
1972 Rayovac introduces the first heavy-duty all zinc chloride battery with double the life of general purpose batteries.
1975 Remington moves from the "Slot Head" cutting system to the flexible foil system called "Soft Touch.”
1977 VARTA AG is split into three companies; Varta AG (Batteries), Altana AG and CEAG AG.
1979 "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company." Sperry Rand sells its shaver business to Victor Kiam. Remington Products, Inc. is created.


1984 Rayovac introduces the Workhorse premium flashlight with its lifetime warranty.
1988 Rayovac introduces a new computer clock battery to power the real-time clocks of personal computers.


1990 The heavy-duty and industrial product lines are introduced by Rayovac.
1993 Rayovac introduces Renewal, a reusable, long-life alkaline battery.
1993 Remington acquires Clairol Inc.’s worldwide personal care appliance business.
1995 Basketball superstar Michael Jordan becomes the spokesperson for Renewable Reusable Alkaline Batteries and Power Station chargers.
1996 Remington Products is reorganized and becomes Remington Products Company, LLC
1996 Thomas H. Lee Company acquires Rayovac, and announces plans to go public.
1997 Rayovac makes initial public offering of 6.7 million shares at $14 per share.
1997 All of VARTA's portable battery divisions are combined into one called VARTA Geratebatterie GmbH.
1999 Rayovac acquires ROV Limited, establishing them as a global brand with markets worldwide.


2001 Rayovac introduces breakthrough 1-Hour Charger and high capacity Nickel-Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries.
2002 Rayovac announces development of revolutionary new 15-minute rechargeable technology, I-C3.
2002 Rayovac acquires European-based battery maker VARTA’s consumer battery business.
2003 Rayovac introduces new 15-Minute charger and rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries, using the I-C3 technology.
2003 Remington introduces shavers with the added benefit of Titanium.
2003 Rayovac acquires Remington Products Company, LLC.
2003 Rayovac relocates corporate headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia .
2004 Rayovac acquires 85% share in Ningbo Baowang, a Chinese battery manufacturing facility.
2004 Rayovac acquires Microlite S.A., a Brazilian battery company.
2005 Rayovac acquires United Industries Corporation
2005 Rayovac acquires Tetra Holding GmbH, a privately-held supplier of fish and aquatics supplies headquartered in Melle, Germany, and the leading global brand in foods, equipment and care products for fish and reptiles, as well as accessories for home aquariums and ponds.
2005 Rayovac changes name to Spectrum Brands and will trade on NYSE as 'SPC'
2007 Spectrum Brands Completes the Sale of Canadian Home & Garden Division
2008 Spectrum Brands Remington® business introduces the ShortCut Clipper, the First Product Designed For Men to Cut Their Own Hair
2008 Rayovac Batteries' Fennimore, WI Production Plant Featured in National Geographic Channel Show "Factory Floor with Marshall Brain".
2008 Spectrum Brands Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery business Launches is Rayovac Mercury Free hearing aid battery continuing its commitment to the environment.
2009 Spectrum Brands successfully completes a financial restructuring through a Chapter 11 filing, which eliminates over $800 million in subordinated debt and substantially improves the company’s capital structure. The old equity is cancelled and new stock is issued primarily to the Company’s bondholders. The new stock begins trading under the symbol, SPEB.
2010 Spectrum Brands Shares Begin Trading on the NYSE under the Symbol "SPB"
2010 Spectrum Brands merges with Russell Hobbs adding their well-respected family of small appliance brands, including such notable names as Black & Decker, George Foreman, Littermaid and Toastmaster.
2011 Spectrum Brands Holdings Acquires Black Flag® and TAT® Brands
2011 Spectrum Brands Holdings Completes Acquisition of FURminator®, Global Leader in Branded Dog and Cat Grooming Products
2012 Spectrum Brands Holdings Completes Acquisition of Stanley Black & Decker’s Hardware & Home Improvement Group
2012 Remington® Celebrates 75 Years of Shaving
2013 No Cords, No Outlets, No Electricity: Spectrum Brands’ Rayovac® Division Redefines the Mobile Charging Device Category with Launch of 2-Hour Power Product
2013 Kwikset® Kevo™ Revolutionizes the Door Lock Using Smartphone and Touch-to-Open™ Technology